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Sun Jan 7 21:16:00 EST 2001

Horoscopes at would like to take this opportunity to offer you our new service.

Now you can receive your Horoscope every week by e-mail for only $1 a year.  Yes that is correct, only one dollar a whole year.  If you are interested please read the instructions bellow.

Instruction in order to receive you horoscope by e-mail for only $1 a whole year:
a) Print this page.
b) Fill in the information bellow Clearly and in Block Letters.
c) Fold the page in three so it fits into you envelope.
d) Place a one dollar bill in the folded page and seal it in your envelope.
e) Mail the envelope to:
Horoscopes at
Menelaou 3
19009 Rafina
Attika, Greece

And as soon as we receive your payment you will start receiving your Horoscope by e-mail.

First Name:________________________
Last Name:________________________
e-mail: ________________________
Month you were born:_______________
Year you were born:________________

Thank you for your subscription and payment.
Enjoy your horoscopes

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