"another" and "better" career alternative?.....

Jeffrey J. Potoff jpotoff at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 10 21:45:04 EST 2001

Arthur Sowers wrote:
> When you are young, health plans are cheap. When you get older, they get
> more espensive.

That depends on how you define "cheap."  When I was making $20K/year and
I needed insurance to cover a gap between my old and new policies, it
was $100/month for just me.  That was a big expense relative to my gross

> However, for the numbers I gave, I imagine some guys
> getting "average" wages and socking a large fraction of the rest into
> 401ks and having a lot left over for health plan payments which are also

Yeah, but their 401K isn't going to beat someone else's who gets a
significant contribution from their employer, like many faculty at

> deductable. I have a BCBS health plan for myself and my wife, through my
> one man corporation, which has lower premiums than if I bought it as an
> individual.

Interesting.  Could someone set up some dummy corporation just to save
on the premiums?


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