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It is definitely not competitive with programming jobs, that's for sure.

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> This is supposed to be competitive with sci-tech jobs?
> That's $40 / hour before they start with the problems of providing for
> own medical coverage.  That eats up a lot of money.  Then, people in this
> of work get injured a lot.  Back problems, hernias, crushing injuries,
> Age discrimination?  No, but do you want to be 60 years old and humping
> refrigerators up and down stairs?  Take vacation down-time out of that,
> sick/injured time too.  They're not going to make any money while sick or
> recovering from injuries.
> I don't see this as any sort of "good life" or financial situation that is
> even competitive with my admittedly much-less-than-average government
> engineering pay.  These guys are not "doing well" when compared to  most
> intellectual employment.  They have further problems of remaining employed
> 40 hours every week - it'd be a miracle if they have the jobs lined up
> that they can get done on one Wednesday night, then go to work for the
> Thursday morning with no gap in the schedule.
> Arthur Sowers wrote:
> > This leaves, basically,
> > $750 minus $100, or 650 per two guys, or basically $325 each for a basic
> > day of sweatwork that is roughly eight hours in length. I think most of
> > the guys on this NG should be able to do a rough back-of-the-envelope
> > hour estimate of what these guys might be getting on an hourly basis.
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