"another" and "better" career alternative?.....Nope!

John Jacobson johnjac at nospam.xnet.com
Mon Jan 15 00:33:06 EST 2001

"DPH" <kgclg15 at kg.hsanet.net> wrote in message
news:3A6276F4.ED8CD560 at kg.hsanet.net...
> Arthur Sowers wrote:
> > Thats not bad considering what I see
> > as health plan benefits (and I do medical insurance billing now for a
> > livlihood, so I know what people have).
> It is bad.  They're down to $31.73 before we take out for the phone
> truck maintenance and maybe its installment loan payments.

  Man, that's low. Those guys are working their asses off in a high-risk job
for far less than what I make comfortably sitting at my relatively safe PC.
Programming sure beats that moving job Sowers is crowing about.

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