"another" and "better" career alternative?.....Nope!

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Mon Jan 15 19:44:18 EST 2001

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> Part of the context of the broad-based support for H1-B comes, I
> think from this vague belief that there is an across the board
> shortage of "science and tecnical" people.  Such shortages
> are only in a few certain fields, which unfortunately is a nuanced position
> that most congresspeople can't grasp.

Most congresspeople aren't stupid, but out-of-work technies are NOT paying
for their reelection campaign and comprise a tiny segment of the voting
population, so their opinions, needs and desires are not relevant.

"It is very material that order, decency and
regularity, be preserved in a dignified public body."
-Thomas Jefferson, 1812, _A Manual of Parliamentary Practice_
"Who cares?" -Patrick J. Buchanan, 2000, Buchanan Reform Party Convention

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