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Wed Jan 17 06:57:07 EST 2001

Very good idea. Let me suggest a complimentary path of development of
such Research Careers Advocacy organization. The best scheme for
scientists would be to have a regulatory board such as lawyers and
doctors have to let the specialists to practise. In science, PhD does
not work as such a limiting factor anymore. Thus, only approved members
of the proposed science board could be hired (in the US) as scientists
to industry or as faculty. The problem is, the government and the
industry will not want the introduction of such a board as this will
limit the cheap supply of intellectual workers.

In this situation, I would suggest to hire lots of lawyers into the RC
Advocacy organization, so that they would help unlawfully fired
scientists to get compensation (at reduced fee or for free)... and
there are lots of such scientists. The organisation should lobby the
government for financing the organisation's lawyers. The organisation
would gain recognition among scientists of the US and instill fear into
administration of the scientists' employers. With time the organisation
will become more and more influential. The next step would be to
organise a branch at every university and R&D company. Because of the
influence of the RSA organisation, it would be easy for the branch head
to insist that the administration of a university or a company makes
any staff appointment only with the approval of the RSA branch, which,
in turn, will make the approval decision based on the RSA head office
written policy or by the RSA head office recommendation. By the end of
the day, no non-RSA member gets hired to any scientific position
anywhere in the US. The RSA Board will conduct a reasonable policy of
training the reasonable amount of new scientists. Simple as that. I
could help with implementing such a system.

But wait ! I am recalling that this is actually the description given
by Vladimir Il'ich of how he brought the "bolsheviks" to power in
Russia in the beginning of the last century. But what the hell ! It
worked ! Amerika, you have nothing to loose besides the fat of your
beaurocrats !!!


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