Open rough draft for forming a RC advocacy group.....

Josh Halpern vze23qvd at
Thu Jan 18 20:52:34 EST 2001

rmchamberlin at wrote:

> Normally I don't respond to Art's flamebaiting, but I'm feeling generous
> today, so:
> In article <946u2g$itk$0 at>,
>   Arthur Sowers <arthures at> wrote:
> > Then, we have
> > all those who are in nice, cushy situations and essentially say to
> > themselves "I've got mine, I'm not going to help anyone else" or "I've got
> > mine, I don't want anything to change that migh affect 'mine'." People
> > like Becky and Josh seem to be totally uninterested in the health of the
> > PhD culture and I don't recall hearing either of them complain much about
> > their own situations and hardly if any complaints about the PhD culture,
> > itself, either.
> You're right, I don't make a career of using the internet to "help"
> people I don't know personally and whose circumstances I can't fully
> understand.  I personally don't believe that one-size-fits-all advice is
> as valuable as one-on-one interaction (i.e. "mentoring"), which is why I
> put more energy into promoting the careers of the people around me than
> those on src.  You, Art, cannot possibly know what I do outside of src,
> and I'll thank you to refrain from making assumptions.

Let me sign on to that.

Art is trying in his usual way to bully us.  We have always
cut him  a great deal of slack, poor Art he got fired.  Shed a tear
we did.   But Art is a great one for telling others how to live their
lives, just don't be happier or more successful than Art.

Of course, what Art means by the "Ph.D. culture" is really the
losers who stand in the corner with him and moan about how
unfair life and their advisor is.  Anyone who succeeds, or picks
himself up after a setback and goes on, or tries something new
has no interest in hanging with the self-destructive.

The idea he is pushing now is obviously a response to Dereck's
initiative in creating a FAQ.   This will be amusing.  I await the
blurt of trumpets.

josh halpern

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