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Fri Jan 19 02:10:13 EST 2001

On Fri, 19 Jan 2001, Josh Halpern wrote:

> rmchamberlin at wrote:
> > Normally I don't respond to Art's flamebaiting, but I'm feeling generous
> > today, so:
> > In article <946u2g$itk$0 at>,
> >   Arthur Sowers <arthures at> wrote:
> >
> > > Then, we have
> > > all those who are in nice, cushy situations and essentially say to
> > > themselves "I've got mine, I'm not going to help anyone else" or "I've got
> > > mine, I don't want anything to change that migh affect 'mine'." People
> > > like Becky and Josh seem to be totally uninterested in the health of the
> > > PhD culture and I don't recall hearing either of them complain much about
> > > their own situations and hardly if any complaints about the PhD culture,
> > > itself, either.
> >
> > You're right, I don't make a career of using the internet to "help"
> > people I don't know personally and whose circumstances I can't fully
> > understand.  I personally don't believe that one-size-fits-all advice is
> > as valuable as one-on-one interaction (i.e. "mentoring"), which is why I
> > put more energy into promoting the careers of the people around me than
> > those on src.  You, Art, cannot possibly know what I do outside of src,
> > and I'll thank you to refrain from making assumptions.
> Let me sign on to that.
> Art is trying in his usual way to bully us.  We have always
> cut him  a great deal of slack,

Never. The criticism and snobery from you were there from the start.

 poor Art he got fired.  Shed a tear
> we did. 

That was never true, either.

  But Art is a great one for telling others how to live their
> lives, just don't be happier or more successful than Art.

It must be nice to not care about anyone but yourself.

> Of course, what Art means by the "Ph.D. culture" is really the
> losers who stand in the corner with him and moan about how
> unfair life and their advisor is. 

As if the rest of the world is already perfect, isn't it?

 Anyone who succeeds, or picks
> himself up after a setback and goes on, or tries something new
> has no interest in hanging with the self-destructive.

Anyone who succeeds usually, I see, just looks out for himself and gives
himself credit instead of nice situations that were already there for

> The idea he is pushing now is obviously a response to Dereck's
> initiative in creating a FAQ. 

My how you can jump to conclusions.

  This will be amusing.  I await the
> blurt of trumpets.

Here I agree, but I've already heard the trumpets.... all off key.
> josh halpern

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