Mainly for Becky ... no longer-> Re: Open rough draft for forming a RC advocacy group.....

Rich Lemert llsmith at
Fri Jan 19 19:55:35 EST 2001

Arthur Sowers wrote:

> On Thu, 18 Jan 2001 rmchamberlin at wrote:
> >
> > > Then, we have
> > > all those who are in nice, cushy situations and essentially say to
> > > themselves "I've got mine, I'm not going to help anyone else" or "I've got
> > > mine, I don't want anything to change that migh affect 'mine'." People
> > > like Becky and Josh seem to be totally uninterested in the health of the
> > > PhD culture and I don't recall hearing either of them complain much about
> > > their own situations and hardly if any complaints about the PhD culture,
> > > itself, either.
> >
> >
> > You're right, I don't make a career of using the internet to "help"
> > people I don't know personally and whose circumstances I can't fully
> > understand.
> I fully understand that for the majority of people in the world the main
> pursuit is to "get whatever they can out of the rest of the world" but
> care little or nothing about "giving back".

  What arrogant crap! In your infinite wisdom, you have decided that Becky'spost
is irrelevent, and you have seen fit to define for her what her motives are.
Sad, but even sadder is that fact that this is completely consistent with your
previous behavior in src.

  Saddest of all is the fact that you cannot even recognize what you're doing.

Rich Lemert

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