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Shimadzu Consumer Alerts Editor's Page 2001 one has jurisdiction over the truth!

January 2001

The start of 2001 marks the fourth anniversary of the Shimadzu Consumer
Alerts homepage since its debut four full years ago. It's always an
exciting time to look forward but it's also a great time to reflect on
some of our more noteworthy achievements during the past year. In late
December 2000, we unveiled a new look for our homepage. This was
necessitated because the number of accompanying support pages had
become voluminous and unwieldy. If the resulting increase in visitors
is any indication, maybe we should refresh our homepage more often.
Website traffic has increased nearly 50% when compared to the ~600
weekly page views recorded previously.  And YES, Shimadzu Scientific
Instruments (Columbia, MD, USA) and Shimadzu Corporation (Kyoto, Japan)
along with their respective IP addresses (208.212.50.* and were among the website visitors recorded in our
server logs.

In reviewing the individual page view statistics generated by website
visitors over the past year, some interesting trends were noted. First
of all, there was a direct correlation between the number of emails
received concerning the timeless memo written by Shimadzu Regional
Manager Terry Adams and the number of hits accessing the adams.htm
support page. In fact, Mr. Adams' memo was the most visited link at the domain with nearly triple the traffic of
the next closest finisher (the awards.htm support page). Secondly,
website visitors seemed genuinely interested in any attempt by Shimadzu
to quash our right to free speech. As a group, the censor.htm,
coverup.htm and speech.htm support pages were the second most visited
links at the domain behind Mr. Adams'
explosive interoffice memo. Other support pages with significant page
views alphabetically included Shimadzu GC Blows Up (blowz-up.htm), Mr.
Gerry Carder's Hazmat response (carder.htm), filing a Hazmat claim
(hazmat.htm), the Shimadzu Consumer Alerts fact sheet (poster.htm),
customers who insisted on telling us that they won't be doing business
with Shimadzu (tell-us.htm), the foreign language translator
(translate.htm), and our amended offer of 20,000 Japanese yen

During 2000, we continued to make significant strides informing
laboratory decision makers worldwide about "the other side of
Shimadzu." Our numerous perma-web addresses have been indexed in many
of the popular search engines on the world wide web. In fact, if one
performs a search for "shimadzu" (just pick a search engine), the top
10 returned results often include prominent pointers directing
prospective customers to or one of our
sister domains. We continue to add new permanent URLs (hidden for now)
which will divert inquiring minds to the real truth about the corporate
lowlifes at Shimadzu. And we will continue to index them as well on a
need to know basis. Visit and look for the search
term "shimadzu" inclusively.... Dear Shimadzu, it's a 50-50 chance that
our homepage will be clicked upon! This is also a great time to remind
Shimadzu to cease and desist in any and all efforts to censor and/or
abridge our right to free speech and free press. Shimadzu needs to
understand that we will remain vigilant and not tolerate any direct or
indirect transgressions!

Since 1997, our primary purpose has always been to provide valuable
consumer-oriented information to our readers. We have never knowingly
published any false information on our website and anything that is
published has been substantiated and/or verified independently
(editorial notes and opinions are points of view.... please don't hate
us when we tell it the way it is). In an effort to up the ante, we are
now offering 20,000 Japanese yen to the first contributor (including
the lowlifes at Shimadzu) who provides us with any incontrovertible
evidence by email which contradicts any of the factual information
portrayed on our homepage (opinions exempted). Some Piece Of $hit
(probably a Shimadzu employee) who didn't want our reward money
(imagine that....) stated in the sci.chem newsgroup recently that
the "gapping void" descibed in our wwii.htm support page was in error.
This support page was originally constructed in response to an email we
received back on June 23, 1997 and last updated December 31, 2000. It
would seem that Shimadzu subsequently amended their company timeline
sometime during 1998 following the publication of the wwii.htm support
page. This change was undoubtedly driven by dissemination of the facts
surrounding Shimadzu and World War II. Sorry, but our facts were
accurate at the time of original publication back on July 1, 1997.
Besides, what PO$ (other than a Shimadzu employee who knows where his
next meal hangs) would agrue such a minor point? Where did they get
their erroneous info? Is this the best that Shimadzu can do? Does this
mean that Shimadzu cannot find fault with any of the other facts
depicted on our homepage?

For nearly three years, we have been soliciting input from our visitors
telling us why and which equipment they won't be buying from Shimadzu.
To date, we have received input from more than 375 prospective
customers who have stated unequivocally that they won't be buying
certain Shimadzu instrumentation. Some anonymous troll noted "that our
postings are done to discourage sales of their products and services."
Furthermore, he/she claimed that Shimadzu "had actually gained sales
due to these rantings." Unfortunately the Shimadzu financial summaries
STILL don't support this feeble claim. For the 8th consecutive year,
Shimadzu's corporate net sales and/or income has not surpassed the
figures reported back in 1992. Conservative estimates place the loss of
sales to Shimadzu (thanks to the input from >300 prospective customers
as of 31 March 2000) at nearly $14 million US dollars.... can Shimadzu
say $20 million??? Another updated complete accounting will follow
again sometime during the first half of 2001. Shimadzu continues to
miss out on the sale of numerous HPLCs, GC/MSs, LC-MSs, TOCs, UV-Vis,
AAs and FTIRs. And the losses will only continue to mount! Dear
Shimadzu: What do you think of our "divide and conquer" theme.... it's

During the coming year, we will watch from the sidelines to see if
Shimadzu can snag any awards (or even an honorable mention) at
Pittcon '01. The outdated technologies (including those incendiary
devices) peddled by Shimadzu should help to seal their fate once again
even before the voting begins! Think about it.... what cutting-edge
innovations is Shimadzu known for? Can you even mention one product? We
will continue our quest of bringing incredible new stories, periodic
updates along with late-breaking disparaging news about Shimadzu to
light. We thank our website visitors, many of whom who sit on the
sidelines as horrified onlookers to an automobile pile-up.... is
Shimadzu naive enough to think that they will buy these $hitty
products? We are grateful to our steadfast network of contributors and
sources who supply us with a barage of tips, ideas and story
suggestions such that we are not starved for content. Finally, we'll
thank the sales people working for the competition who have shared some
of the fruits of their labor in the form of sales dollars they took
from Shimadzu due to the presence of this homepage on the world wide
web. Dear Shimadzu: Our network of custodians will insure that the
Shimadzu Consumer Alerts homepage will not vanish from the internet any
time soon!

n.b. It's been observed that if you throw enough Shit-madzu up on the
wall.... some of it is bound to stick sooner or later. More and more is
sticking.... hence, the slinging will continue with glee!

n.b. Something to ponder: What do we have to gain by stating untruths
and falsehoods.... absolutely nothing! Now what does Shimadzu have to
gain by using treachery and deceit? Answer: YOUR business (which
translates into dollars). Who has a bigger motivation to resort to the
intentional use of lies, denials and cover-ups.... us or them??? And we
put our money where our mouth is.... did Shimadzu reciprocate? Can they

BTW: Please note that Shimadzu Corporation has never written us at any
time to question the veracity of the information on our website at: It's something that they don't
want to admit but our facts (and opinions) are all in order!

At Shimadzu, it's all about delivering... lies, denials &disappointment!

There is more about SHIT-madzu....

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