Don Juan's Secret Formula

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Wed Jul 11 15:27:45 EST 2001

Be IMPULSIVE, try our Breakthrough Herbal Formula...

The breakthrough Herbal Formula for Sexual Stimulation
Formula Designed Especially for Men
Intensifies Pleasure and Satisfaction
Increases Energy and Endurance
Longer Lasting and Firmer Erections


Impulsaria For Women:

Formula Designed Especially for Women by Women
Intensifies Pleasure, Enhances Orgasms
Revitalizes Sex Drive
Enhances Vaginal Lubrication

What is Impulsaria?
Impulsaria is a powerful, uniquely formulated passion enhancer.

Impulsaria for Women is specially developed for women and 
contains Guarana, a potent sexual stimulant that will 
maximize vaginal lubrication. 

Impulsaria for Men is a special blend that contains Yohimbe,
a fast acting aphrodisiac that will increase the peripheral
blood flow to erectile tissue and increase male power. 

What Impulsaria can do for you!
Impulsaria is a specially designed formula that will rejuvenate 
your sexual desire. Peak sexual performance will be 
easily attained because women will experience increased
female sensitivity and arousal. Men will experience stronger,
harder, longer lasting erections. The result of using Impulsaria 
will be a rediscovery of romance, intimacy, and desire for sex. 



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