Shimadzu L O W L I F E S

Mark Tarka markZERO at
Wed Jun 6 23:59:06 EST 2001

shitmadzu wrote:
> Come meet the LOWLIFES at Shimadzu.... why are they so rankled???

Oh grow up!  They love _money_.


> "When you find a nerve, you should strum the hell out of
> it!" (anonymous)

Hey!  _I_ said that...didn't I?

  Mark (I saw, for the first time, the multiple UV peaks of
	gas/vapor phase benzene on a Shimadzu instrument...
	something I couldn't see on the Cary instrument
	that was "standard" at the time at the U of Oregon;
	Chuck Klopfenstein led me to it...later, I believe,
	he was axed by the establishment.)

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