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Grant gdinse at
Thu Jun 7 06:14:36 EST 2001

Genetics and Childabuse.

Since it has been genetically proven that gays breed gays, sister's of gays
breed gays, lesbians breed lesbians and brothers of lesbians breed lesbians,
so where are the laws to protect children?

Since when did any boy want or need a fag father? ,or a girl a dyke mother?
The last thing children need is to be genetically deformed in this way, and
yet the needs of children are being totally ignored to satisfy the whims of
gay parents (open or hiding).

Parents who knowingly deform their own children just to satisfy their own
selfish needs are sick, calious people and need to be exposed and jailed.
Unfortunately there are many closet gay parents, some in positions of power
who desperately don't want this truth to be exposed. How many politicians
act like respectable parents but have, or suspected to have, gay children?

Any laws to protect children here would require genetic testing, thus the
genes for homosexuality need to be found and testing procedures developed.

Some visual traits of homosexuality :

(1) gap between the front teeth,
(2) no lips, and
(3) a turned eye.

Support genetic testing of criminals and don't allow any legal restrictions
to genetic testing, especially of child abusers. Genetics will revel the
ultimate truth.


Thanks for your time.


Grant Dinse.

Expose childabuse.
Support Blue-ribbon freedom of speech.

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