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Table of Contents of Rivista di Biologia / Biology Forum 

Vol. 94(2001), N.1

*Editoriale / Editorial 

L’evoluzione in Italia — La via torinese / How Evolution Came to Italy —
The Turin Connection 

*Attualità biologica 

È accaduto... / In breve / Libri / Risvolti / Flaps  


Renzo Morchio, Anna Redaelli, Silvano Traverso  Proteins, Nucleic Acids
and Genetic Codes  

Marcello Buiatti, Marco Buiatti   The Living State of Matter (full text:

Armando Carpaneto    A Cyclic Model for Bimodal Activation of Calcium
Activated Potassium Channels in Radish Vacuoles

Jack T. Trevors    Molecular Evolution: First Enzymes, Gases as
Substrates and Genetic Templates  

*Proceedings / Theoretical Biology 2, Arcidosso 1999  

Lorenzo Calabi    On Darwin’s ‘Metaphysical Notebooks’. I: Teleology and
the Project of a Theory  


Franco Zucconi   Fundaments of Plant Cybernetics  

James Howard    Hormones in Mammalian Evolution  

ABSTRACTS of the articles are available at the following address:


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