Composite Rotor

Bruce Sinclair Bruce.sinclair at
Wed Jun 27 23:38:16 EST 2001

In article <7bee6562.0106251051.2482569f at>, rjohnstone at (Ron Johnstone) wrote:
:While exploring the internet the other day I noticed that some time
:ago someone posted an anonymous "poison pen" letter concerning our

:I hope this doesn't come across to you as a sales pitch.  I intend
:only to set the record straight by responding to the untrue
:allegations and I cannot do so by replying directly to the thread due
:to the one month time limit expiration.

Fear not. The source of the information is at least as important as the 
information itself ... I know I treat anything signed by ms 'anonymous' with 
a great deal of laughter :) :)


Oook !
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