Pittcon Editors' Awards 2001

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Pittcon Editors' Awards 2001

In mid March 2001, Instrumenta (www.aireport.com) announced "products
spanning the analytical spectrum won top honors at the annual Pittcon
Editors' Awards judging session" following an extensive review of
several new introductions by manufacturers in the analytical
instrumentation arena. Three prominent vendors were singled out and
rewarded for their cutting edge technologies and innovations.
Following an informal poll of editors and journalists who reviewed
nearly 20 different product nominations, this is how the chips fell
this year:

Pittcon Editors' Gold Award

Merck's KGaA Chromolith HPLC columns

Pittcon Editors' Silver Award

Siemens Applied Automation's Advance Quantra FTICR mass spectrometer

Pittcon Editors' Bronze Award

CEM Corporation's SMART Trac (microwave-NMR) system, and

Syagen Technology's Radiance Pro quadrupole ion-trap TOF analyzer

Other notable mentions with significant vote totals included: Atlas
CDS 2001 chromatographic analysis and data management software and A2D
acquisition device for chromatography from Thermo LabSystems
(Altrincham, England); Breeze™ HPLC system from Waters
Corporation (Milford, MA); MCE 2000 absorbance-based capillary
electrophoresis system from Combisep (Ames, IA); Global Q-TOF and
Q-TOF Micro from Micromass Ltd (Altrincham, England); induction
fluidics dispenser from first-time exhibitor Nanoliter; LC-SPE-NMR-MS
and 800 US2 NMR from Bruker BioSpin (Billerica, MA); LC-MS training
program from Savant Audiovisuals Inc. (Fullerton, CA); Mass Rate
Attenuator for active LC-MS splitting from Rheodyne LP (Rohnert Park,
CA); Q1000 DSC from TA Instruments (New Castle, DE); Quantage imaging
software and syncroCOOL digital camera from Syncroscopy (Cambridge,

Take the advice of the Pittcon Editors who put considerable time and
effort into producing this gold, silver and bronze list of vendors
that have distinguished themselves far and above the competition.
You'll have to forgive us for not noting who wasn't worthy of
inclusion on this select list. While they did manage to muster a
nomination, in this world of corporate bribes, payoffs and the denial
of any wrong-doing, one should be deservedly suspicious of the entire
nomination process.... particularly if a Japanese company is involved!

Expect Less Value and More Disappointment from Shimadzu!


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