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Dennis Rekuta dennis.rekuta at
Mon Mar 5 19:35:57 EST 2001

"*Because **NYC** Could Be BETTER!!" wrote:
	People of this ilk can rant under the following conditions:

	(a) If they have children, they tell those children that if they get
sick, it is better that the children suffer or die, rather than some
rat should.
	(b) They personally sign up for at least two invasive procedure medical
experiments, so that people can get better, but no animals suffer.

	Okay, I take back (a). No innocent child should be made to suffer that
particular cruelty.

	Anybody that believes that computer programming can accurately model
100% of intricacies, complexities and variables involved in treating the
human body is delusional. Unless you have a working Holodeck.

Dennis (Type 2, Kidney Tx) 
Alive because of medical procedures developed on animals.	
"We can't help it. We're men" The Red Green Show.

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