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Wed Mar 7 09:28:48 EST 2001

I certainly appreciate your feedback and understand your frustration.
However, at the moment, I cannot claim to be a know-it-all kind of guy.  I
deliver a service and an application that I know how to do.

That does not mean that I will not consider other technologies in the future
if this project reaches a certain size and the members interested in it
would demand a change of technology.

Phillip Williams

"Dr. Artem Evdokimov" <eudokima at> wrote in message
news:3AA6375D.4F6665C6 at
> > I restrict access to IE5.x users because I built this application using
> > Visual Basic script and XML/XSL (an acronym for Extensible Markup
> > Language/Extensible Stylesheet Language), both technologies in my
> > enabled a fast turn-around and an efficient application display without
> > having you downloading executable files to your PC.
> So would PERL and Python and C (server-side) and any number of
> server-side protocols that do not require the user to work within a
> specific program, and especially microsloth exploder. Moreover, there is
> a number of pre-written free database applications that would run on
> virtually any server and would not require the user to work with any
> microsloth product.
> I really shouldn't care about your site, however you must realize that
> internet visitors are harsh, and if they can't do something with your
> site *right away* they will simply go somwhere else and you'd lose a
> client. You can look up the stats for people who use exploder versus
> netscape and figure out how much people you're losing. Also consider the
> fact that microsloth products are inherently buggy - how many frustrated
> customers would turn away from the site because of someone else's faulty
> code ? At least if the application is server-side you can always chose
> to serve pure, unadulterated HTML with no fancy stuff and then every
> browser would at least be able to display what you're serving.
> Moreover, people who surf using computers *other than PC* would not even
> have an option for IE. Please remember that scientists use a wider
> variety of computing systems than the general public. I do not have IE
> on any of my computers, and I only use one non-linux PC as compared to
> two linux boxes, two sgi's and an alpha. Linux and SGI (and most alpha
> machines)  cannot have MS-IE (unless SGI runs NT or its sucky windows
> emulator).
> Well there you go.
> Best regards,
> A.G.E.
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