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On Wed, 7 Mar 2001, Professionals and Academics Network wrote:

> Greetings everyone.  First of all the reason for using IE5.x was not a
> conspiracy by Bill Gates :)
> I restrict access to IE5.x users because I built this application using
> Visual Basic script and XML/XSL (an acronym for Extensible Markup
> Language/Extensible Stylesheet Language), both technologies in my opinion
> enabled a fast turn-around and an efficient application display without
> having you downloading executable files to your PC.

So, does that mean its _always_ going to be IE 5.x only? I think you at
least should do some explaining on the first page people get otherwise
you'll turn them off. 
> The reason for asking you to register is to allow you access to ProAcad's
> database to feed your business contact information, your academic standings,
> your professional achievements and any other criteria that you wish people
> to find you based on.

Yeah, but I _know_ that soon after I give out things ... especially my FAX
number, the number of junk FAXes increments up. 

Oh, yes, there is that advertisement about "Let us give you a quote on
your auto insurance and we'll give you a free calculator even if you don't
buy the insurance" and after you hang up the phone, you realize they know
what cars you have, what your name is, what your address is, etc. And,
that stuff gets sold for bucks. 

Suggestion: let people see what is there, first. 

  I do not fill the information for you because my
> strategy in this application is to have you manage and customize your
> display categories and to have the program grows in the direction that you
> wish.

Plausible, but you really have to give people more before asking them to
spill the beans on themselves. 

> The visitors to the site who wish to locate you will not be required to
> register. 

Well, I didn't see anything when I visited that suggested I did not have
to register & get a password to get anywhere.

 This search function is being currently developed.  I expect it
> release before the end of March 2001.  I thought that I get your enrolment,
> testing, and satisfaction first with the data and the processes of the site,
> add any modifications that you see required before I release the search
> function to the general public.  Again I am trying to customize this
> application to the way you want.

Do whatever you want... I gave my thoughts above.

> Another reason for registering is to prevent quacks from posting info to my
> database.  

You can weed them out later. 

 In the past 2 weeks, after I advertised this project, my
> experience was that real people are not shy to write down their professional
> information (because they want it advertised anyways).

I'm sorry. I know there are tons of people out there who blab everything
about themselves without hesitation. I'm on a mailing list for computer
security issues and the situation is worse than you imply. 

  After a potential
> member registers, a support staff at ProAcad reviews his/her registration
> data to ensure its quality before giving access to update the database.

Ah, here comes the fine print, ands, ifs, buts, wherefores....

> change that a registered member adds will be reflected immediately therefore
> I require accountability.  For example if someone adds a search category
> (i.e. a criteria based on which an information searcher can locate him/her)
> it will be added to the list of searchable categories that everyone else
> will see.

Seems like I've heard of something like this before, somewhere.

> I got positive feedback from those who registered and tried the interface.
> They enjoy being participants in defining what they want to see in the
> interface.

There are always "early adopters" in the population.

> Notice that currently this service is for free and members can unsubscribe
> and remove their records anytime if they are not satisfied. 

Then, at some point in the future its going to be not free anymore, eh?

 Each member
> manages his/her own data within ProAcad and decides what is confidential
> what is to be advertised.

I don't see why I would submit confidential information to your website
(especially with the number of hacker attacks that are announced in the
security newsletter I get). 

 The member's obligation is to provide accurate
> information about his/her professional and academic standing.

Most offices (licensing, and transcript) will provide this info either for
free or for a fee (and you get a paper record with high validity). 

Then, what do you do to insure accuracy? 

> I look forward to having you as members.  If you have any questions please
> write to support at

If the src audience has any questions, I'd invite them to post them here.
> Regards,
> Phillip Williams,
> President, WEBSWAPP Canada Inc.

Well, thanks...finally, for putting a real name on your post.

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> > I had a look, too, with my Netscape 4, and was turned off by the notice
> > that you needed IE 5.x to visit the website. So I rebooted into W98 and
> > fired up my IE 5 and then the site tells you you have to register & get
> > password to get past the small homepage, and then you have to fill out
> > more information to get past that. And, the question is... if you do all
> > that, what do you get?
> >
> > On Tue, 6 Mar 2001, Dr. Artem Evdokimov wrote:
> >
> > > There's no way I am going to muck up my system with Microsloth
> > > Dreksplorer just to view your site.
> > >
> > > :)
> > >
> > > A.G.E.
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> > > Professionals and Academics Network wrote:
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> > > > ProAcad:  The purpose of this network is to
> connect
> > > > professionals to their clients, and academics and researchers to their
> > > > colleagues and students by hosting contact information and
> professional
> > > > merits to facilitate locating any professional or academic around the
> world.
> > > > This service is currently for free.  You are encouraged to join.
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> > > > Any of the following links will take you to ProAcad website:
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