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<ignoring the studied insult>

> What you failed to understand in your message below is that ProAcad does 
> not
> capture consumers data or analyze consumer profiles.
> ProAcad connects consumers, whose data is not collected, to professionals


> The data of the professionals and academics that join ProAcad is used for
> nothing other than being delivered to their customers or colleagues based 
> on
> their requested search criteria through a search engine.

sorry - in the one instance you say information is not collected, and 
then you say it is?  The professionals and academics themselves are 
consumers - any information that is worth having on such a site is 
valuable to vendors.  You can work out quite a lot about what such a 
person would buy from their research interests.  The stated purpose of 
the site is irrelevant if you do not give guarantees about the use of 
the data.  The point stands.


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