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Tue Mar 13 12:24:48 EST 2001

Do you think you can persuade only 2 out of 100 people to buy a US10  product 
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 10 Million FRESH EMAIL ADDRESSES FOR ONLY US$15.00 (Including shipping)

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 *** Do you have a product that you can make a profit just for $10?

 Let's say you get only a 2 percent response from this mailing list, that's  
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 Why we can do this so cheap!!! We have already harvested around more than   
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 You can calculate the simple math to see how much we are going to earn! 

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 Of course you cannot sit here, do nothing and earn that amount of money.   You 
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 This offer is not for everyone. However, if you can see just how excellent  
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 It's just a numbers game. The more people you send to, the more money you   
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 Need help setting up?---------------------
 We will even tell you how to mail them with easy to follow step-by-step   instructions 
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 every law concerning email. It is easy to obey the law and make a fortune.

 If you can see the value in this opportunity, then now is the time to 
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 For the package above
 * 10 Million Fresh email addresses in a CD including bulk emailing   program. 
 These names are all in text files ready to mail!!!
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 HOW TO ORDER------------
 We will accept Visa Credit Card payment by The Paypal web  site 
is a fantastic idea which has over 5 million users already. 

 Payment by
 Email us to the emailsdb at with PURCHASE in 
 the subject heading along with your Name, the email address you have 
 registered with PayPal. From there we will invoice you so you can give us   
 your approval of the debit.
 Paypal orders are sent within 24 hours after receiving money. You will    receive 
your package by EMAIL within 2-3 days.


 You can simply mail a check payable to EDDIE LEE or money 
 order to the below address with your name, email and postal address 
 G.P.O. Box 10658 
 Hong Kong 
 Attn:Eddie Lee
 Once we clear up the cheque or money order, we will send our the package 
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This is an advertising email referred by someone said you might be interested 
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If you want to be removed from the future advertising
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 Sorry if this email offends in anyway.

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