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Dan Barnes dbarnes at
Wed Mar 14 14:25:54 EST 2001

>> On Wed, 7 Mar 2001, Professionals and Academics Network 
>> > Greetings everyone.  First of all the reason for using I
>E5.x was not a
>> > conspiracy by Bill Gates :)
>> >
>> > I restrict access to IE5.x users because I built this ap
>plication using
>> > Visual Basic script and XML/XSL (an acronym for Extensib
>le Markup
>> > Language/Extensible Stylesheet Language), both technolog
>ies in my
>> > enabled a fast turn-around and an efficient application 
>display without
>> > having you downloading executable files to your PC.
Sorry for jumping in here (and I may be missing something) but 
why don't you host the site on ASP servers and do all the VBScript 
and XML/XSL stuff server side? That way you wouldn't be cutting 
out a reasonable section of your target audience?

Just a thought,


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