Start Your Personal ISP Company!

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Fri Mar 16 01:17:58 EST 2001

Start Your Personal ISP Company!                        Nationwide Internet Access
                                                                    	For Only ($ set your own price) Per Month!

Start your own national ISP business and let SCN manage the network and equipment for you!  
With only $200.00 setup fee and $100 a month you can start your ISP business.   
And be Ready to Go! 

Any SCN representative can start their own ISP business.  You can sell Internet access to as many 
customers as you want.  With a network of 3,000 local telephone numbers throughout the 
United States you can sign up customers anywhere in the country under your own personal 
company name and make as much profit as you desire!  Your wholesale price for each customer 
per month is only $10.50. 

Also, it gets better.  When you sponsor people into the SCN program and they start their 
ISP business then you get paid an average of .50 cents for every Internet customer anywhere 
within 6 levels.  Just think about it.  If you have 100 people with 100 customers each that's 
$5,000.00 a month income.

What we are offering. Wholesale solutions for everything ranging from dial-up access to ISDN 
and from web hosting packages to domain registration. We have the only complete non-stop 
Virtual ISP wholesale to retail solution available today. 

Why become an ISP. The Internet is growing in leaps and bounds. Everyday thousands of domains 
are registered and thousands of people either join or switch their ISP's. Isn't it time that you cashed 

About the program. It is 100% private labeled. You sell our service as your own company and 
market yourself accordingly. No equipment necessary to become your own Internet Service Provider. 

For more information contact me   Allen Jones   at: (602) 938-6496

SCN Conference Calls:

Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time &
Saturdays at; 11: 00 AM Pacific Standard Time
Telephone Number; (305) 503-6674 Ext; 862


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