What are the symptoms?

Liz Bowen lzbowen at sisqtel.net
Tue Mar 20 01:39:10 EST 2001

Howdy, we burned 12 to 15 wood rat nests on Sunday, March 11.  I was in the smoke for several hours and when the fire burned down to coals, toasted marshmellows for a half an hour.  On Monday at 3 p.m. I felt a sore throat and other cold-like symptoms hit me like a ton of bricks.  There is a 1-2 week long cold, flu going around, which my symptoms match.  But, because I have really sick for so long, today several people told me about hunta virus.  I went to the doctor on Friday, because my eyes had gotten so infected, swollen and oozing green gunk.  She did not give me any anti-biotics.  It is in my lungs, but my sinuses are the worst.  Just thought I'd check on the hunta virus symptoms.  Thanks Liz Bowen in Callahan, California (very tip-top of the state) lzbowen at sisqtel.net
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