What are the symptoms?

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> > I can't find much on the actual symptoms of Hunta, but it *seems* to be 
> > a killer - very rapid.  So you probably don't have it :)  have a trawl 
> > around google, yahoo, etc.
> Based on the description in the OP's OP, she's actually concerned
> about _hanta_ virus, which is transmitted via rodents. AFAIK, the

Ahh . . .  

In which case, http://medlineplus.adam.com/ency/article/001382.htm

> are present in the air as dust; doesn't seem to me that breathing the
> smoke given off by burning some rodents is a likely route of
> transmission.

I'd have thought the heat would have killed the virus . . .

> (I swear, there's a Monty Python sketch in there somewhere...)

John, don't go there . . .

Too late!

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