What are the symptoms?

Tim Spahlinger txs at po.cwru.edu
Tue Mar 20 09:02:06 EST 2001

I, too, am not a physician.  But, I've had some experience 
in clinical virology.

1. The burning of the nests might very well have exposed you 
to the virus.  The virus is found in droppings and where 
better place would you expect to find the droppings than the 


2. If you read the link given by a previous respondent you 
will have realized that the "green gunk" would NOT be caused 
by the virus.

3. The "green gunk" is more likely a bacterial infection.  I 
shouldn't second guess your personal physician but, from 
previous experience, I would have expected your doctor to 
take some specimens (i.e., swabs of the green gunk, and a 
throat swab) to get a better "handle" of what you might have 
and to see if an appropriate antibiotic could treat it.  If 
your doctor did not do this and your symptoms have not 
gotten better, I suggest that you consider: 1. going back to 
the doctor, telling him/her that you're not feeling better, 
and asking the doctor to do some "tests" (i.e., take the 
specimens like the swabs) to see if he/she could prescribe 
something to help you, or 2. go to another doctor to get 
another checkup, opinion and treatment.

Richard P. Grant wrote:

> In article <87hf0ofzfc.fsf at genehack.org>, "John S. J. Anderson" 
> <jacobs+usenet at genehack.org> wrote:
>>> I can't find much on the actual symptoms of Hunta, but it *seems* to be 
>>> a killer - very rapid.  So you probably don't have it :)  have a trawl 
>>> around google, yahoo, etc.
>> Based on the description in the OP's OP, she's actually concerned
>> about _hanta_ virus, which is transmitted via rodents. AFAIK, the
> Ahh . . .  
> In which case, http://medlineplus.adam.com/ency/article/001382.htm
>> are present in the air as dust; doesn't seem to me that breathing the
>> smoke given off by burning some rodents is a likely route of
>> transmission.
> I'd have thought the heat would have killed the virus . . .
>> (I swear, there's a Monty Python sketch in there somewhere...)
> John, don't go there . . .
> Too late!
> I never wanted to be a molecular biologist, I wanted to be a physician . 
> .. .

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