Direct Response TV Info Request

American Telemedia, Inc. drtv2 at
Wed Mar 21 10:14:51 EST 2001

My name is Rich Ralston, Senior Product Director at American Telemedia(ATI).  
ATI is a firm that specializes in identifying and marketing products/services using 
Direct Response television commercials nationwide to generate sales and/or leads.  

We are interested in speaking with your senior marketing person about possibly working together in performing a
 90 day television market test with one of your products.  With positive test results, the 
commercial could air nationwide with ATI sharing in the revenues generated by the commercial  in lieu of any
 airtime costs.  ATI provides the airtime and call center with 800/888 telephone number at no cost
 to you for this Market Test.
You may  have a line of products or services  that fit the profile to be part of a Test Market Campaign
were ATI provides all of the airtime for the initial test market at no cost to your company.   After the test, and with favorable
 results, ATI couldl air the commercial on as many as 517 broadcasters around the country
 with ATI sharing in the profits.

Your company retains all revenue for the duration of the test period.

 Please visit our website where you can find detailed information on this preliminary invitation... 
After your review, please give me a call on my direct line at: 209.885.4806.
 to discuss the details and procedures or you can email me directly from the site.
We are now working on projects that will be on air during the Summer thru Christmas Shopping Season.  

Looking forward to your prompt reply.
Sincerely Yours,
Rich Ralston,
Product Director,
American Telemedia, Inc.


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