Robert Shepit Thoran-Enterprises at shaw.ca
Sat Nov 10 16:46:53 EST 2001

> Part-Time Employment:
> Due to an enormous client list, we can only take serious applicants at
> time. We are offering a full or part-time business opportunity in E-mail
> Processing. You can work at home. We do require that you have a computer
> with internet connection and are familiar with basic internet/e-mail
> functions.
> As to the salary, its totally up to you, as you will be running your own
> business. There are no limits. What you will see represents a very
> money-making business that anyone can run to generate a significant
> income from the comfort and privacy of their own home.
> This VERY SIMPLE internet based business is specially designed to be
> reproduced by ANYONE - ANYWHERE who has a computer and internet connection
> You need only understand the very basics of "cut & paste" word processing
> and using ordinary e-mail. Absolutely NO SALES ABILITY IS REQUIRED to make
> great success of this program! All of the work is accomplished by a very
> ingenious method of processing e-mail.
> You will receive full, clear instructions, and we will always be available
> to help you and answer your questions. This is a genuine Home Business. It
> is not a chain letter, money game, multi-level marketing (MLM) program,
> PYRAMID, telecom scheme, or any of the multitude of doubtful business
> that may come through your e-mail box. This completely legal business
> generates a residual income of (US)$2000 to $5000 every month with only a
> part-time commitment (about 5-10 hours per week).
> Please address all enquiries to:
> Thoran-Enterprises
> Contact Email: Thoran-Enterprises at Shaw.ca

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