InterProScan v3.1 announce

Evgueni M Zdobnov zdevg at
Thu Nov 15 08:59:03 EST 2001

This is to announce the release 3.1 of the stand-alone
Perl-based InterProScan package satellite to 
InterPro Release Release 4.0 Tue Nov 6 2001.

InterPro is a collaborative project aimed at providing an
integrated layer on top of the most commonly used protein
signature databases by creating a unique, non-redundant
characterization of a given protein family, domain or functional
site. The InterPro project home page is available at

InterProScan is a tool that allows to analyse a given protein 
sequence(s) against the InterPro signature databases (at the 
moment - PROSITE, PRINTS, Pfam, ProDom, Smart and TIGRFAMs). 
InterProScan has a robust and efficient (parallel) architecture 
that could benefit from network distributed computing and
support of UNIX queuing systems, such as LSF.

InterProScan is available from the EBI's ftp server:

The updated InterPro related SRS parsers are available from

Contact: InterHelp at
What's new since v2.1
* [Coiled-Coil search & display;]
* [TMHMM search & display (not distributed);]
* [SignalP search & display (not distributed);]
* Interpro2GO parsing (+go);
* - shows GO in txt & html formats;
* TIGRFAMs search;
* TIGRFAMs family specific cut-offs (using TC) 
* scores parsing (+src);
* implementation of PRINTS family specific cut-offs for FingerPRINTScan; 
* 6 frame translation for nucleic acid sequence input.

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