Math and Science CD-ROM

The Lopez Foundation mascd at
Fri Nov 16 22:15:32 EST 2001

This is *NOT* commercial e-mail.

The Lopez Foundation is a non-profit, public charity (full 501(c)(3) status with the IRS).

Do you know a child who can use help with math and science?

Our current project is to identify and help provide math and science resources to 5th - 12th 
grade students.  The "Math and Science Toolkit" CD-ROM is just such a resource.  In 
addition to NumberSense (multiplication skills), physics projectile motion, balancing chemistry 
equations, graphing, fractions, polynomials and quadratics, it has over 500 programs and 
resources pre-downloaded from the internet, as well as over 1,000 internet links to math, 
science and general academic resources.

Please visit our website at to request a copy of this CD-ROM.

Thank you,
The Lopez Foundation

ps:  Please forward this e-mail to interested students, parents and teachers.


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