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#1 e-Business: 
Backed by Royal Dutch Numico, the World's largest Nutraceutical company, this business is positioned to be the leader in the rising $1Trillion Wellness Industry. It costs only $29.95 US to join and get a turnkey e-business that is globally expanding under the new name Unicity Network. We are very excited about this new, really lucrative E-Biz opportunity. This business model is so close to perfection that they will be granted the World's first Patent for their unique Compensation Package!! Recently, Royal Numico merged forces with Rexall, the well known 104 year old drug company, and Enrich International to form a worldwide company now known as Unicity Network. The merging of these companies, who have each developed a product line that is unsurpassed in the Preventative Health Industry, has created a new business opportunity. They have everything going for it; 
1.) Timing: Timing is everything in this business, and this is precisely the right time as millions of ‘Baby Boomers’ are becoming increasingly aware of how nutrition and excercise will help achieve higher expectations for their own longevity. In fact, most people would agree that the number one priority for 'Boomers is to enter their retirement or golden years in as good health as possible. Unicity Network has the best Wellness products available online, and it is just opening up in Canada and the rest of the World -- so the business is really a $4.6 Billion dollar 'startup' that you can build on. 
2.) Startup/ costs to operate: Like most people, you are undoubtedly interested in recommending Nutritional Supplements, Preventative Health Care, Anti-aging and Personal Care products to your friends (and your family) -- but the previous high cost and lack of good advice on how to obtain the right products to help individuals has been a major stumbling block towards achieving the Health that our society requires. This is one of the least expensive, and most highly leveraged businesses -- or so say the Industry experts Salomon Smith & Barney. The cost to open a complete turnkey internet business with Unicity Network? $29.95 US . This will allow you to open your business, obtain a unique PIN number which allows you to refer customers and potential business partners to the $16M US website and when they purchase products or sign up online will credit your account with commissions. It is impossible to better this level of business leverage, backed by the largest company in its class. If you or your new IBO's (Independent Business Owners who join your Team) want to have their own customized website with client tracking technology, promotion, and direct sales to clients around the World 24/7 -- the additional cost is only $20 US, with a monthly maintenance of $14.95US. 
"The Medium Is The Message". My family uses over $200 per month of the hundreds of products you can sell, just for everyday use. You only need to invite 3 active people to join your downline, and work with them to help them succeed, as I will with you. Very simple, very effective, and very professional way to market and do business with the people that you like. 
Visit our website to see our flash video; and sign up for a free weekly Health News ‘e-Magazine'. Unicity Network is presently positioned as the 7th largest network marketing company in the world. To reach its chosen marketplace, the company has spared no expense at building one of the world’s best websites, complete with detailed product information, medical dictionary, Doctor’s Corner and testimonials. If you have to 'work' at this, and it stops being 'fun' -- you're doing something wrong! You have no boss. You work with who you want to work with. The downside of this business is $20.00. The upside is thousands of dollars in residual income -- these are wellness products; when people take them and feel younger and pain-free -- they buy more. What other business can ensure a win-win scenario like this?


#2 e-Business:
Bizadigm. Online accredited University Education for people all over the World, in any rural setting that is serviced by the internet (see our #3 Business to see how to get High Speed Internet in rural areas too). This is actually two diversified businesses in one -- one of the longest established Wellness & Health Businesses on the Internet. The entire new state-of-the-art website and business is going to launch on December 1st, 2001. Be there;

#3 e-Business:
Sell High Speed DSL speed internet to virtually anywhere in North America and the Caribbean via 1 or 2 way satellite, as well as some of the most technologically advanced energy saving and communication products. This is iMagic, and you can make money from direct sales or from developing an international downline;

#4 e-Business:
This is SIMPLYGLOBAL!! Brand new, Internationally based e-Biz, with the most support of any organization we have witnessed for it's size. . Biz to Biz, communication and promotion portals, etc.

#5 e-Business:
WahooForYou! This is a paid service which guarantees that you will get a minimum of 500 verified business leads every month, or they will double your money back (if you follow their well documented system)! This is how we found you, after all, and how you will find the other smartest Entrepreneurs on the internet...

#6 e-Business:
Mastermart! Check out all of the new and about to be released services -- it is simply the most cost effective source we have yet found for domains, dial-up ISP service, freecell phones, and website hosting (coming soon);
#7 e-Business:
Free Business that allows you to become an affiliate and sell Instant Language Translators (Speech to Speech!!!) and make commissions from your website; . The World needs communication now more than ever! Capitalize on it.

#8 e-Business:
If you are like most people today, you're not earning enough to meet your financial obligations each month - let alone save for vacations, major purchases or retirement. Here are some sobering facts:
Americans are spending 84% of their income just on necessities such as housing, health care, insurance, food and clothing.
Over 66% of all Americans are putting off major purchases, having trouble paying bills and continually worrying about money.
97% of all Americans will retire in poverty - despite the fact that the typical American worker will earn a million dollars during his or her lifetime.
Now there is an exciting new way to make the money you need each month. It's a company called SmartNetworker and the SmartNetworker System is the most revolutionary opportunity for building a home-based business since the development of the personal computer. And this opportunity is wide open for savvy people like you to take advantage of right NOW!
Turn the Internet into a powerful source of extra $$$$$ - Now!
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#9 e-Business:
Global United Group recommends only the world's leading honest 
MLM Programs and Companies 
where average People CAN & DO earn a residual, long term income. 
No selling or promotion required (but it will pay you more quickly).
go to: .
#10 e-Business:

Cognigen. Computers, Internet, high tech products -- free to join.	Services you can sell:

» Long distance » Calling cards » Dial-around » Internet access » Voice messaging » Web hosting » Satellite TV » Cellular/PCS
» Paging services » Computers » Home security » I-net telephony » Callback services » Web services 

We hope you will look into these Top Ten e-Biz companies, and join one or more of your favorites. We are here to help you succeed!!
If you do not have your own website to launch them on -- why not open a good one for free at 

No obligation whatsoever. We can also help you to achieve the highest ranks on search engines so your customers can find your website and join your businesses.

Best regards,
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