steve kabila stevekab1 at
Mon Nov 26 20:02:16 EST 2001

Dear Sir,

I am Stephen Kabila the Brother to President Kabila of
Congo Democratic Republic who was assassinated by his
aide on the 15th of January 2001.

Following his son=92s take over as the head of the
republic of Congo, we discovered a huge sum of money
totaling usd$28m (Tewnty-Eight million United States
dollars) deposited with a security firm.

Due to the political instability in the nation and
insecurity of the young president, Joseph Kabila, we
met over the weekend and agreed that I should
negotiate with a foreigner in a business venture in
the diamond and gold industry. Should you be
interested in helping us receive this money indisguise
as a contractor, we have agreed to part with 20% of
the total sum to you as compensation. While 10% has
been set aside to cover expenses from both sides.
Please note that this transaction is risk free and
will not endanger you in any way at all.

Considering our position in the government, the
transfer to any account of your choice will receive
presidential approval and full paper work will be put
in place stating that the fund is a final contract for
a job you did for the government.

Further information will be given to you in due course
upon your acceptance to work with me. Fax/phone
numbers will be arranged in the next couple of days
for easy communication and confidentiality.

Please note that this transaction is very confidential
and must not be discussed with any soul. A period of
ten working days is expected for receipt and sharing
of the above-mentioned funds.

Best regards.

Stephen Kabila

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