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Dr. Carter openminded21st at
Sat Oct 20 23:01:26 EST 2001

Dear bioforum:

Would you mind my introducing the information which, I believe, may signif=
icantly benefit both you and people around you? If you do not like it, you=
 may delete this e-mail anytime (please)=2E

You may ask yourself --
How to make people respect you
How to win friends
How to let your conduct help your health, work, job, career, relationships=
, spirit, mind, well-being, =2E=2E=2E
How to make your life smoother & happier and do whatever you like without =
making other people unpleasant
How to make the world peaceful and better
How to =2E=2E=2E
=2E=2E=2E=2E=2E=2E=2E (much more)
You can find all answers in this handbook:
"Complete Conduct Principles for the 21st Century" by Dr=2E John Newton=20=

It is the best educational GIFT idea to children, friends, relatives, clas=
smates, students, parents, teachers, =2E=2E=2E, particularly at this speci=
al time in this special year=2E=20

BENEFITS to Each Individual Reader: Many! --- such as for health, work, jo=
b, career, self-improvement, education, relationships, spirit, mind, well-=
being, and much more, particularly in the 21st century=2E People around yo=
u will also be benefited=2E (Please see the PREFACE of the book for detail=

EVERYONE may find this handbook useful and helpful, regardless of age (fro=
m children to oldsters), occupation, rank, status, gender, religious belie=
f, nationality, country and region=2E=20

If you are a parent or a teacher, you can learn how to develop good conduc=
t of your children or students from this handbook=2E Please advise your ch=
ildren or students to read the book=2E These will result in great benefits=
 to both you and them=2E=20

This book is a must for EVERYONE to make a better preparation for personal=
 conduct for the 21st century=2E=20

The book's title is obvious to manifest its content=2E The complete useful=
 conduct principles cover not only what we should do but also what we shou=
ld not do -- especially aiming at the faults people make often and easily=2E=

This timely, unique and very important handbook is designed to suit most p=
eople, and is self-contained=2E User-friendly=2E=20

This book is significantly different and better than the competitive works=

Some of its innovative contents may help solve the problems the Western cu=
lture cannot=2E=20

The book's merit and importance have been recognized and praised by many e=
xperts, public elected officials and world leaders=2E

How to make the world peaceful and better ---
You can find the answer in the book=2E
Let's work together to make the world peaceful and better!=20

The Author, John Newton, holds a Ph=2ED=2E from MIT, and does researches a=
t Harvard=2E His long-term research on "The personal conduct in the human =
society of the 21st century" results in the book=2E It is published by Nic=
er Century World Organization, of which the headquarter location is beside=
 Harvard University and MIT, two leading institutes in new knowledge and l=

There are two kinds of binding for the book: Hardcover (case bound, Smyth =
sewn; with dust jacket), list price US$19=2E95; Paperback (perfect bound),=
 list price US$9=2E95=2E Both editions are unabridged=2E 60 lb natural aci=
d-free excellent and healthful papers=2E You can get the book from many fi=
ne on-line bookstores and traditional bookstores=2E For your convenience, =
I herewith provide you with a link directly to the book page in the shoppi=
ng directory of Yahoo!, the world No=2E 1 Internet directory:


Some bookstores there offer great discounts (limited time)=2E Note that so=
me bookstores may disappear there if they are out-of-stock=2E In that case=
, you may go to another bookstore=2E (Of course you may freely go to other=
 bookstores at any time as you wish even if they are not listed in Yahoo!=2E=

As you can see, the book is very cheap, at present in particular=2E This m=
ay be one (a small one) of many reasons that it becomes the best GIFT idea=
 -- "much more value for a much less fee"=2E On the other hand, if you nev=
ertheless can't afford it, you may ask your local libraries and school lib=
rary to purchase it=2E The libraries will probably then appreciate your re=
spectable suggestion=2E This is a great contribution you will make to your=
 neighborhood! =20

"I find it heartening that you are crusading on behalf of this worthy book=
=2E It has occupied a space on our shelves for some time now=2E To have th=
is book in our library is a quiet source of pride to me, the librarian=2E"=
 said Mr=2E Don Brusha, a highly respectable Librarian, Avon Park Library,=
 Avon Park, Florida, USA, in a letter to me regarding the book=2E

Please forward this e-mail to people you know -- children, friends, relati=
ves, classmates, students, parents, teachers, =2E=2E=2E, because they will=
 be benefited, too=2E This is wonderful kindness you provide them!

bioforum, best wishes to you!

Sincerely yours,

Tom Carter, Ph=2ED=2E
President, Nicer Century World Organization
Massachusetts USA

(Nicer Century World Organization is an educational, non-profit, non-parti=
san organization; it endeavors to make the 21st century nicer than ever be=
fore=2E To accomplish its mission, Nicer Century World Organization is pro=
ud to introduce the book=2E)=20


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