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Hi Mom!

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Okay. I will admit it. I have a 'new-age' streak (don't worry I DO shave my legs (and arm pits)_ and occasionally even use deodorant)! Of course you will instantly detect my earthy slant when I speak of our daughters; Summer (age 10) and Autumn (age 8). 

The subject of Summer's life lesson this week was honesty! More about that in a sec.

In case you are wondering what these ramblings are all about you have stumbled upon an internet newsletter for you_The MOM!

However it's much more than that. 

After being ripped-off by countless internet schemes and bogus offers I figured out a way to make money (and help you (if you are interested) make money too. Hey, I'm not greedy and there is plenty of internet wealth to go around. This is something that your tremendous response to this newsletter has proven to me.

My approach to the internet now is very different. Perhaps even unorthodox! 

For instance, I refuse to hassle with a website (I know nothing about HTML code). When I first started I avoided using a website to save money. Now I don't use one to save time. And I have been able to connect with thousands of other moms (and dads) who have grown weary of wasting their time online too. 

There's nothing faster than email! It's also the reason that over 85% of internet users even go online in the first place.

Time, by the way, is the BIG reason to forego the website_they simply take too much time! Most folks still have dial-up accounts and the waiting is senseless! The uploading, downloading, crashed servers_sheesh_who needs it! Not me and according to feedback_ neither do you!

I think these 'webmasters' are making bundles by having us go around and around in circles!

(Yes. My colleagues (and husband) are trying to get me to give in and get a website_but I keep resisting! Your letters are welcomed on this matter too. Am I being an old foggy_a digital-dinosaur?).

Oh yeah, back to Summer's lesson. Anyway, I had a meeting away from home and had instructed her and the babysitter (babysitters_I could fill a whole issue with this topic!) not to play in my office. Primarily because I didn't have a chance to organize it before leaving for my meeting. So I got back home only to discover that some of my important files had been 'moved.' Well, actually, moved would be an understatement. I searched for hours!

When confronted with what happened my darling Summer chose to lie about it. Fortunately for me (but not for her) she has a younger sister that likes to 'rat' her out! 

We do NOT spank! Never have and never will.

(Of course my friends with boys tell me that I would feel differently in their shoes_but I like to think not).

So while mindfully determining her punishment ("_cleaning the rabbit cage for an entire week!" This was a punishment that her sister dug because they usually alternate days). 

However, I spent a good deal of time letting her know that it was the lying about what she had done that was my biggest problem. (Can't stand the lying). And that it was her behavior (and not her) that made me angry and that I still loved her (hey_ I read my psych books!)

Of course, Mom learned some lessons here too;
One, never leave my important stuff out when leaving for a meeting_no matter how pressed!;
 Two, write down implicit directions for the babysitter (who happened to be extended family);
 Three, find some new babysitters!!

I will let you know if the lesson 'took' (hers and mine) in future issues.

Speaking of future issues (how's that for a transition)_ that's where we will discuss other fantastic ways that stay-at-home moms can generate additional income with little to no experience.

No brag. But I think you will find this approach less stuffy and much less "salesy" (new word alert) than a lot of the other online newsletters you may have read (or not have read_more about that too) in the past.

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In closing_

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Elizabeth "Liz" Ashley

PS- Never forget that YOU do the most important work on the planet_raising new souls!

"This Newsletter Makes Money for Stay-at-home
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