If knowledge is power - where's your fuel?

BT bill.thomas at consultant.com
Sat Sep 8 01:27:01 EST 2001

Maybe you're seeing [and feeling] what I am - the growth that was
going at great pace like a wide-open water main is beginning to
trickle down to a drop or two per hour.

If you are still secure in your job, that's great - if you believe
that you should be earning more or getting more visibility [like you
think that there ways that you could add more to your firm's growth or
bottom-line], then this message is for you. If you are looking for a
new or better job, you may want to listen to this message too.

As a former business development, general management, and information
technology consultant, I know that the key to success in any job or
workplace is your list of accomplishments and credentials.

In fact, you always want to be able show future/current clients or
employers that you "can-do" in the face of adversity. You need to
prove to them that you are able to turn the trick in terms of doing
the 'impossible' or at least you're capable of really going far beyond
the call of duty.

The trouble for most people is that they may have formal education or
training [a degree, diploma or certification] - but what you really
need is reality-based skills training. Now reality-based training
isn't about taking an exam to see whether you know a few irrelevant
facts concerning a subject area or to vaguely assess your awareness of
some intricate system, rather, reality-based training means: -

> Being exposed to "real" information [like a strategy, tactic, concept, principle, benchmark/best practice, etc.] and then,

> Incorporating or integrating that information into your personal knowledge Universe [such as, your plans, agenda, discussions, events, processes, architectural and structural issues, professional codes, and operating or engineering standards, etc.], and then,

> Using all of that stuff to create and deliver the goods that your customers need and desire. 

Now with that kind of training, you get the "real-deal", no-nonsense,
small win-oriented type of education that truly and usually brings
tangible, measurable, bottom-line results.

You can get a lot more information about this unique approach to
"professional-strength", "reality-based" training at the following

Enjoy your visit - please be sure to get your hands on the free eBook
and other gifts that you find there.

BT :)
P.S. That free eBook will add some extra energy to your supply of
knowledge - if knowledge is power -where's your fuel?

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