Are americans systematically brainwashed?

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My problems with the claim that the terrorists were not arabs in the
article linked above are the following:

1) The evidence suggests that the terrorists in the sept 11 incident 
were of middle eastern extraction. Or do you think that these men were
simply payed terrorists? Would they have agreed to the operation
knowing that they would die ? Do you think Moslem arabs would
willingly participate in such an operation to assist the USA if they
knew that Israel would be a beneficiary of the consequences?

2) what do you make of the fact that letters were recovered from the
car  that the  terrorists used  and also from a mishandled luggage
pertaining to Mohamad Atta indicating the intended mission?

3) The bodies of terrorists, as well as Mohamad Atta's passport, were
from the debris of the crash. I suppose, but I am not certain that
genetic material pertaining to the terrorists was recovered from the
rubble, and that this has been linked via scientific tests to the
genetic material of the terrorists whose name we have been told
committed the crime, or to the genetic material of close relatives of
the terrorists.

4) Airports are usually under constant surveillance by cameras which 
record all traffic inside its terminals. I suspect Logan  and the
other airports provided their tapes to the investigators and that the
terrorists that we are told committed the crime were seen boarding the
planes.  I should add that I have never seen or heard mention of such
tape in the media coverage of the situation.

4) I imagine that genetic techniques like the ones used by the
Cavalli-Sforza have been used by the investigators to place the origin
of the terrorists whose remains were found in the rubble in their
corresponding middle eastern countries.

A brief description of the genetic techniques of Cavally-Sforza:

Cavalli-Sforza's team compiled  tables depicting the "genetic
distances" separating 2,000 different racial groups from each other.
For example, assume the genetic distance between the English and the
Danes is equal to 1.0. Then, Cavalli-Sforza has found, the separation
between the English and the Italians would be about 2.5 times as large
as the English-Danish difference. On this scale, the Iranians would be
9 times more distant genetically from the English than the Danes, and
the Japanese 59 times. Finally, the gap between the English and the
Bantus (the main group of sub-Saharan blacks) is 109 times as large as
the distance between the English and the Danish. (The genetic distance
between Japanese and Bantus is even greater.)

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