Are americans systematically brainwashed?

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> > Actually, Logan International Airport security tapes do show Mohammed
> > and at least one other of the terrorists arriving at the gate where they
> > boarded the plane.  This was broadcast only days after the attack.
> Of course there are always new developments.

New developments?  I guess so, if you are Rip Van Winkle.

> Did you read the following:
> the article is posted in case the link doesnt work, here:
> news:<1451cd92.0204051908.108ef710 at>...
> Just some  bits from the rather reputable article above:
>  Attorney General John Ashcroft has ordered the suppression
>  of news coverage of massive Israeli espionage operations
>  inside the United States, the Bush Administration
>  has taken several significant initiatives, aimed at
>  closing some of the most egregious loopholes, that
>  have facilitated Israeli penetration of American
>  national security institutions at the highest
>  levels.
>  In Texas, California, Arkansas, and Florida, U.S.
>  investigators found that the Israeli "art student"
>  teams were living within a stone's throw from
>  houses and apartments occupied by suspected
>  "Islamic" terrorists, whose names appeared on an
>  Oct. 2001 list of individuals whose assets were
>  frozen, at the request of the U.S. government.
>  In the most egregious instance, a dozen Israeli
>  spies were operating out of a Hollywood, Florida
>  address, 4220 Sheridan Street, just a block away
>  from 3389 Sheridan Street, the apartment where
>  Mohammed Atta was living with three other men
>  accused of the Sept. 11 hijackings.
>  The proximity of the Israeli "art student" spy
>  teams to some of the suspected al-Qaeda "sleeper"
>  networks in the United States has prompted some
>  American national security officials to suspect
>  that Israel had infiltrated the Sept. 11 terror
>  plot, at some level, and failed to pass on the
>  information to U.S. authorities.
> Arabs have claimed since the beginning that
> Mossad was responsible but that may be an exaggeration.
> see an example of one of those claims here:
> I am remain quite  curious as to why J Ashcroft
> has ordered all coverage of the spy ring suppressed from the Media.
> Is the government doing this to protect its  credibility should
> evidence be found against the official narrative concerning the cause
> of sept 11?.
> You can find my response to the spy story and some links to
> an article that appeared in Barrons discussing irregularities
> in the financial markets preceding the Sep 11 disaster here:
> news:<c0c6feba.0204061747.5c95f32d at>...

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