Information Requested !!!

Konda shivakumarkonda at
Fri Apr 26 05:03:31 EST 2002

Hi !!

I am a Graduate Student from India, doing my Management course. I am
currently writing a business-plan as a part of my summer-project
wherein I am required to come up with a "precise road-map" for the
"next 10 years" for a Market Research Agency that has decided to enter
into the area of Consulting for Biotechnology Companies.

As part of the project, I am required to submit a complete
specification of the kind of additional skill-sets required, the
various ways in which the organisation can leverage its present
strengths (being an MR company) and all other related details
including the likely expenditures on a year-on-year basis along with
expected returns. The company presently wants to restrict itself to
the Indian markets.

The information I require is regarding the various situations in which
a biotech company would like to engage the services of a consultant or
a consulting company. Additionally, emphasis has to be placed on the
such requirements given the fact that India is just opening up to the
opportunities offered by the Biotech Sector, with companies scrambling

I request for the above information to be posted/mailed as soon as
possible and sincerely appreciate any help forthcoming from any

Thank you.

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