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Sun Aug 4 10:57:30 EST 2002


      I got your contact from email business directory.

      I am the son of the former chairman of Serria Leone diamond
co-operation[MR ORMAI KAMOKAI]who was kill by rebels during the war while 
we the survivals[MY MOTHER & I]decided to seek refuge in Ghana where i'm
contacting you from.

      Before my father died he disclose to us that he deposited $20.5m
with a security company in AMERICA and that with his influence he was
able to register the merchandise as family tresure containing
jewellies,this is our secretwhich you are the only person i've told and
espect it to be kept confidential.

      We have decided for you to help us move this fund overseas for
onward investment.We're parting away with 15% of the total fund to you
for your assitance
and 5% for any  expenses that may be incure during the transaction.

      This transaction demands secrecy to aviod any raising of eyebrowns
for the safety of our family,because this fund is our last hope for the
future.Also forward to me your phone,cell phone and fax for easy
communication and release fo documents for claim to you.
       Awaiting to hear from you soonest through my email address for
security reasons.

Best Regards
Chamberlain Kamokai
[for the family] .

23b Kokoremerem quarters,

kwashema district,



West Africa.


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