Gene Pat. vs. Altruism

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>Daeron <daeron at> writes:
>>  For those universities etc. who have been developing many key technologies 
>> (from IT to medical) used in this kind of research; have any of them given 
>> consideration to placing a GNU style license upon their technologies.
>University administrators very much like money, too, and are every bit 
>as eager to profit from patents on gene ``discoveries'' made by their
>researchers as ``for-profit'' corporations are.
>The simple fact is, ``money makes the world go around,'' even in the ivory
>towers of academia. 

*Especially* in the ivory towers of academia.

Harvard has a $19 billion endowment and still charges the highest
tuition in America. 

>University administrators =VERY= aggressively pursue
>any new source of revenue, and in fact exhibit quite ``greedy'' behavior, 
>contrary to the common stereotype that universities are ``altruistic''
>institutions that pursue ``pure knowledge'' and the ``common good of all
>Indeed, many universities _require_ their researchers to pursue and report
>any potentially patentable applications of their research to the university's
>``intellectual property'' lawyers as a matter of stated policy.
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