virulence gene

Sam Linsen Cao slcao at
Mon Aug 26 13:52:03 EST 2002

Regarding virulence gene, in the case of a true human bacterial pathogen, how far we go, then we can say  one of its genes is a virulence gene:
1. present in one virulence strain, and absence in most virulence and avirulence strain. how many strains do we need tested?
2. the mutant strain has lower adhesion and/or invasion to human cell line. How many cell line do we need tested?
3. compare to wild type, the mutant strain has higher ID50 and/or LD50 in an animal infection model.. Is data from immunocompomised animal valid?
4. patient has antibodies against polypeptide coded by this gene, but these antobodies can't protect animal from infection. Is it worth it  to study the regulation of the gene's expresssion?

Thanks for your advise, I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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