The Design of Innovation is Online

IlliGAL galsite at
Wed Aug 28 10:09:51 EST 2002


The purpose of this note is to alert you to an 8-lecture online short
course called THE DESIGN OF INNOVATION. Based on my recent book of the
same name (, the short course describes (1) how
to analyze and design so-called competent GAs, GAs that solve hard
problems quickly, reliably, and accurately and (2) how competent GAs are
connected to important facets of human innovation.

For more information about the online short course go to the URL for sign-up information and a
free ten-minute preview of coming attractions.  More detailed course
information and a free 50-minute preview lecture may be found at the URL

The Design of Innovation is now available at a web browser near you.  I
hope to see you online.

Dave Goldberg


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