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Westsphere Asset. (OTCBB : WSHA)



Company: (WSHA) The E-DEBIT card allows consumers to access EDI's patent protected online payment system. This payment system utilizes existing electronic funds transfer protocols, allowing consumers to shop online without a credit card. The E-DEBIT card, like cash, is denominational, and is available in fixed dollar values ranging from $20 to $500. The E-DEBIT card also allows for complete anonymity. When a consumer makes an online purchase using an E-DEBIT card, no information is given to the merchant during the course of the purchase unless the consumer actively gives it. Customers will be able to purchase E-DEBIT cards at EDI Internet kiosks and at selected retail locations initially in the Canadian and United States domestic market, with expansion internationally.

Watch for analyst "Strong Buy Recommendations" and several advisory
Newsletters picking WSHA due to rapid expansion in the Company's

Our track record proves we offer valuable research that builds your
wealth.  We target serious gains for serious investors with a 300+%
investment return on WSHA.

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