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Thu Feb 14 12:40:51 EST 2002

A great client of mine is seeking Project Leaders (Scientists, Senior
Scientists or Managers).    Although there are multiple positions
available, they are most in need of experienced Ph.D. level scientists
with a background in dermatology drug discovery or retinoids or
vitamin D derivatives. Here is the full description for your review:

Project Leaders:  This client  has a continuum of research efforts
which require Project Leaders to manage activities spanning gene
discovery to drug discovery. Three representative opportunities are
summarized as follows:

	You will lead teams contributing to the development of novel
therapeutics in dermatology or oncology with particular emphasis on
vitamin D and vitamin A 	metabolic pathways. In addition, you will
provide strategies for pre-clinical testing of proprietary drugs using
in vitro assays. You will be responsible for 	the development of
functional assays and testing of drugs with emphasis on efficacy,
toxicity and drug metabolism.

	You will lead teams validating new targets for therapeutic
intervention. This may generate new drug discovery programs for
various disease processes.

	You will lead efforts to clone, express and characterize novel
molecular targets.

Candidates for these positions may be appointed as Scientists, Senior
Scientists or Managers depending on experiences and qualifications.
Biotechnology or pharmaceutical industry experience is preferable.

Ph.D. in an appropriate discipline, strong communication skills,
supervisory experiences or demonstrated potential, and demonstrated
ability to work independently. Must have solid organizational skills.
Must have experiences with drug screening assays or in vitro enzyme
activity assays.

Experiences in two (2) or more of the following areas is also
	cytochrome P450 gene or protein expression or enzymology 
	retinoic acid or retinoids 
	vitamin D or calcitriol 
	arachidonic acid metabolism 
	drug discovery in oncology or dermatology 
	cell biology (especially cell differentiation, proliferation or
Salary is negotiable. They pay full relocation costs and may provide
an allowance for travel and accommodations during the transition.  The
positions are located in either Kingston, Ontario and Toronto,
Ontario, Canada.

The company is rapidly growing biotechnology company involved in the
discovery of small molecule therapeutic agents targeting a
physiologically important class of enzymes called cytochrome P450s.
Their initial drug discovery efforts are focused on dermatology and

What do you think? If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity,
please forward to workwonders at earthlink.net:
	-a copy of your resume in word or text format 
	-your current salary requirement 
	-your citizenship status. 
	-your relocation considerations
	-any other relevant information...
I will, in exchange send you further information including the company
name and web address.

If you aren't interested or feel you are not qualified, do you know
anyone who would be interested? We do offer generous referral fees.
Thanks for your time and have a great day!


email: Khristine at earthlink.net
Web: http://home.earthlink.net/~workwonders

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