Strong Buy - $2.00 Target!

Thu Feb 14 17:58:14 EST 2002

Overlooked & Undervalued Stocks

Featured Company:
Wallstreet-Review, Inc.
Stock Symbol:    WALS
Taking Private Companies Public


Shares Outstanding (aprx).	24.8 M
Float (est):		  1.6 M
52 week High		$1.38
Current Price		$0.21
Target Price		$2.00

Investment Highlights:
· WALS Produces shareholder dividends; the company has produced two in the 
past eight months and is about to do it again.

· Right now, there are over 300 new companies being eveluated for possible 
selection as WALS clients.. WALS forecasts sigining at least two new 
companies per quarter, which should result in four to six more companies 
being helped brought public during 2002.

· Esmeralda Exploration is exploring a portion of the Rist Mine that is 
owns in North Carolina, immediatley adjacent to the site where the 
discovery of more than 3,000 carats of large, gem-quality emeralds have 
made world headlines since 1998.

Stock Market Alerts Analysis
We have placed WALS on our STRONG BUY list for the 
Following reasons:

· If WALS completes just half the deals it anticipates closing in 2002, a 
15 multiple from its current price would still be significantly 
undervalued compared to similar companies (such as HHGP, KENT, FBR, & SF), 
which are currently trading at $2 to $10 per share.

· Esmeralda Exploration May Soon Become North America’s Premier Emerald 
Producer and shareholders of WALS will get to participate in the success.

· Five of the largest emeralds ever discovered in North America were found 
within 100 feet of Esmeralda's property; Esmeralda’s portion has never 
been explored.

· With its obscurity, extremely low evaluation, and the recently-declared 
dividends, we believe that this is the time for investors to take a close 
look at WALS.

Corporate Snapshot

Here is an opportunity to participate in the success of many companies by 
investing in only one!  Wallstreet-Review (WALS) is an investment banking 
firm that specializes in providing consulting services to private 
companies seeking to become publicaly traded through reverse merger.  WALS 
retains an equity position in the companies that it takes public; WALS 
then dividends shares to its shareholders.  The company has issued two 
such dividends to its shareholders in the past eight months and is about 
to do it again.

On January  29th the company announced that it had been engaged to help 
take Esmeralda Exploration public and that it will dividend to its 
shareholders, up to 80% of the 40% equity position it receives for 
assisting Esmeralda in going public.  WALS shareholders will receive up to 
3.2 million shares in the publicaly traded Esmeralda Exploration company.

This could be extremely vaulable to shareholders!  Esmeralda is currently 
exploring a portion of the Rist Emerlad Mine.  For more than 100 years, 
the Rist Mine has produced huge, world-class  emeralds worth millions and 
has been featured on “Good Morning America” with Diane Sawyer

This report is intended for information purposes only.  Consult with your 
financial advisor about WALS.  For further details concerning these risks 
and uncertanties, see the SEC filings of WALS including the company’s most 
recent annual and quarterly reports.  An investment in WALS is considered 
to be highly speculative and should not be considered unless a person can 
afford a complete loss of investment.

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