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Tech Stocks - Free Report

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Dear Investor,

If you own ANY of today’s widely-held technology stocks,
then I urge you to read what I’m about to say IMMEDIATELY.

That’s because I’m recommending that you SELL three well-known
technology stocks today-and I want to give you all the
profit-protecting details immediately in my just-released
FREE online briefing.  Quite simply, "Enronitis" is gripping
the market.  Investors, Wall Street, and the media-already on
edge from the market malaise of the last 18 months-are now
SCARED TO DEATH that the Enron accounting plague will spread.

AND THAT MEANS you must pick and choose your investments very
carefully-or risk getting SNARED in the panic.  Going forward,
any company with even a HINT of questionable accounting methods...
suspicious business practices...or just plain weak market
position is a target.

You don’t want to own those stocks-OR the three
I’m about to disclose.  Period.

Before I reveal the details, however, let me introduce myself.
My name is Michael Murphy, and I’ve been analyzing technology
stocks for over 30 years-decades before it was "hip" to be a
tech investor or before Wall Street even found
Silicon Valley on the map!  

I’ve led my Technology Investing readers to 59% profits in the
last 3 years alone (we beat the NASDAQ by 53%)...I sold Enron
from my mutual fund last summer at $30 because I couldn’t
figure out how the company made any money...and I publicly
warned investors about the looming Imclone disaster back in May,
months before the stock plunged over 80% and Congress opened a
House investigation.


  *Drug giant fighting Alzheimer’s,
  Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis,
  cancer and a host of other deadly
  diseases will continue to get nailed
  for artificially inflating revenues.
  This company is using off balance sheet
  partnerships to prop-up bottom-line growth
  numbers on its income statement...exactly
  the type of AGGRESSIVE ACCOUNTING Wall Street
  is punishing mercilessly.  In the wake of the
  Enron scandal, I wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole!

to get its name-and all the details-in my FREE online briefing.  

  *This major-league wireless company is falling
  behind FAST...and most investors have no earthly idea!
  The problem?  They’re betting on the second best wireless
  technology...moving way too slowly in the shift to 3G
  wireless services...and their investment cycle is BEHIND
  that of their #1 competitor.  Get out now, and reinvest
  your money in the true wireless juggernauts set to clean
  up from the real wireless boom.  Details in my free briefing. 

  *This Communications big-shot is a surefire, SHORT-TERM THREAT.
  Wall Street hates a disappointment...but that’s exactly what
  they’re going to get when they realize management was too
  optimistic in its March quarter earnings estimates.  WHAT’S
  MORE, this company’s desperate attempts to break into the
  new high-growth areas of metro DWDM transport, next generation
  SONET and optical switching have met with limited success...
  making this the WEAK entry in an already tough communications
  marketplace.  Avoid this stock-and if you own it, SELL IT NOW.   

Is there a chance you could own any of these losing stocks?
Want to know more?

to get their names-and all the details-FREE in my just released
online briefing, "Don’t Get Burned By Enronitis."   In it, you’ll
find out everything you want to know about these 3 stocks
PLUS I’ll tell you where I’m putting my money instead today.

This briefing is ABSOLUTELY FREE, but it could SAVE YOU
thousands upon thousands of dollars in protected profits.
Don’t get burned again!
now and read your copy today.

Michael Murphy

P.S.  Wall Street’s on edge and weary investors are
looking for any excuse to dump stocks.
You don’t want to get caught holding the bag on
these 3 technology bombs.  At least get the facts.
Go to Visit
now and download your copy of "Don’t Get Burned By Enronitis."

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