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Thu Jan 24 09:59:19 EST 2002

BioMed CAChe is a leading computer aided chemistry package for
biochemists and medicinal chemists conducting research in discovering
structure-activity relationships, predicting bioactivity, etc.

BioMedCAChe is a new product with
* A protein sequence editor
* Ease of navigation through tens of thousands of atoms
* Integrated QSAR and QSPR for ADME, LogP, Rule-of-5, and more
* MOPAC 2002 with the new, 4x more accurate PM5 method (over PM3 and
* Spreadsheet workbook for molecule properties
* Quantum chemistry on giant molecules (up to 20,000 atoms)
* All main group elements in one semiempirical method

To learn more and download a free evaluation copy (time limited full
version), please visit:

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Jaroslaw Pawlak, Ph.D.
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