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Military Resale Group, Inc.	
Corporate Profile:	     January 2002
2180 Executive Circle					

Colorado Springs, CO 80906				
Telephone:		719-391-4564				
Facsimile:		719-391-4565			
Ticker Symbol:       OTCBB - MYRG	
Shares Outstanding:		6,630,004
Estimated Float:		1,220,004	
52 Week Range:	      $2.27 - $0.03

Company Contact:	Mr. Ethan D. Hokit, President	

Military Resale Group, Inc. (OTCBB-MYRG) recently became a
"new" publicly-owned company as a result of its
acquisition in December 2001 by Bactrol Technologies, Inc.
 MYRG markets and distributes groceries and related
products to commissaries on U.S. military bases in the
Colorado area, where our operating roots go back five
decades.  Previously a publicly-traded corporate shell,
Bactrol Technologies acquired Military Resale Group in a
reverse acquisition, leaving 6.6 million shares
outstanding and only 1.2 million shares in the public float.

MYRG was incorporated in 1997 when it acquired Pittock
Distributors, Inc., a fifty-year old firm specializing in
distribution of products to the Military Resale Market. 
At the time of the acquisition of Pittock, it had
approximately $750,000 in revenue.  Revenue has increased
over five-fold (5x) in the past four years reaching $4.8
million in 2001.  MYRG believes that revenue can increase
to a $12 million annualized rate by the end of 2002 with
the existing facilities.  President Ethan Hokit and GM Bob
Hefner have each been in the local military resale market
for over 25 years.

The Military Resale Market is a $15 billion niche market
with 13,000,000 authorized patrons, which operates under
the aegis of the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA), a
Department of Defense (DOD) agency. The DOD's objective,
in this activity, is to operate resale store systems that
sell groceries (at commissaries) and general merchandise
(at exchanges, i.e., PXs) at the lowest possible prices.
The resulting average cost savings last year of 30.4% make
the system a major fringe benefit (untaxed) to military
personnel. The competitive structure of the Military
Resale Market consists of a few large distributors that do
not dominate the industry, and hundreds of smaller
distributors. MYRG's long-term strategy is to grow,
primarily by acquiring other small distributors, and also
by internal growth.  

Positive Investment Theme

1. The Military Resale Market for groceries-merchandise is
a $15 billion a year niche industry.
-13,000,000 authorized patrons benefit from lower prices
(about 30%) and on-post shopping convenience.
-Demand is cyclically stable due to the basic product
nature and military headcount.
-Distributors require some specialized knowledge - a
barrier to entry - in this industry regulated by DeCA
(Defense Commissary Agency).

2. The shares possess several appealing investment features.
A.	They are statistically attractive, as measured by the
Market Value/Sales Ratio.
-MYRG's market value is currently about $2.0 million. 
This is only .4x actual 2001 sales of $4.8 million and
only .3x projected 2002 sales of about $6.5 million, which
is well below the level of the Market Value/Sales ratio
for most stocks.
B.	The float is thin, containing only 1.2 million shares.
C.	A stock play on the Military Resale Market is a "new"
idea to investors and is defensive in a weaker economic

MYRG has set a target of reaching a trading range of $4.00
- $5.00 per share by year-end 2002 so that it can seek a
national exchange listing.                                


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