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To the best of our knowledge and intention, this is a one time mailing only.

New Physics Application Discovery!
Everyone Really Does Have Control Of Their Own Individual Life

This includes and is not limited to:

Body Weight... Body Health... Body Aging...
Relationship with self and others...
Employment... Money... Terrorism... Any issue in anyone's life...

If any subject above gives you cause for personal concern, please read on.
A newly discovered application to an old physics principle offers a solution.

You really do control your life (and your future) through physics.
This is true even though it may appear that you have little, or no control over your life.

But, you most certainly do have complete control of your life.

Read on to begin the explanation of "how" and "why."

We learn quickly about the huge role that gravity plays in our lives.
It's a physics thing.
Equally important as gravity is a physics principle called wave theory.
1.  Visually imagine dropping a pebble into a small pond.
You see the ripples go out...
You see the ripples hit the edge of the pond.
You then see the ripples begin their return trip back.

2.  Something similar occurs when you hear your voice echo in a canyon.
You yell into the canyon, and your voice returns.

The above two examples demonstrate physics wave theory;
vibration with its inevitable returning reflection.

The bottom line is this:

Every thought, belief, emotion, and action...
That you ever thought, believed, felt, or have done...
Is a ripple in your unique pond of life.
The life you currently live is your returning echo in your canyon of life.

You do currently control your life through vibration and reflection,
an application of physics wave theory.

Learn now how to "consciously" control your life through vibration and reflection.
All you have to do is learn and practice this newly discovered application.
To begin your study and for more information, please go to:
This click can change your life forever.

Thank you for reading.
Begin today to enjoy every moment of your life always, and in all ways.

Copyright, October 2002, Earth 101 Vibration & Reflection-
Living Life To The Fullest At Any Age

To the best of our knowledge and intention, this is a one time mailing only.


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