Help needed with German terminology (nervous system)

Sam sam_greenland at
Mon Sep 2 01:10:21 EST 2002

I'm doing some basic research on the nervous system (not my field of
expertise) to make notes for a term paper and have been directed to a
German article.  My German is pretty good, but there are a few terms
unfamiliar to me (and I don't have access to a specialist dictionary).
 Could anyone help me with this, or let me know where I might find the
answers?  Emails are fine - I'll post a follow-up to the group once I
get the answers!

My notes are due to be handed in on Tuesday (4th Sep), so if anyone
can reply before then I'd very much appreciate it.

The terms are:

"Erregungsleitung" - is this a "stmulus conduction mechanism"?  Is
there a more common/accurate term in English?

"Teilsystem" (e.g. sympathetic and parasympathetic systems) - is there
a more precise translation than "component systems"?

"Reiz-Reaktionskette" - this is obviously a "stimulus-reaction chain"
but I've never come across this term in English.  What have I missed?

"ausfuehrendes Organ" - refers to muscles, etc (organs that "make
things happen") but again I don't know what the correct English term
would be.

Many thanks in advance for all your help!

Best wishes,


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